My Introduction

I’m Steven Cousley and this website is the place where I show you the tools and techniques I use to make my online income. Over the years this website has been redeveloped, remodelled and started over several times. As always, there won’t be a lot of hype. There won’t be a lot of flashy presentations. Just the honest truth on what works for me. I hope the information you find here will help you with your own goal to make money online.

I’ll start off by telling you a little about me. If you are in a hurry you can skip straight past this intro and start checking the latest content. I can honestly say my online business had it’s roots way back in high school during the 1980’s. That was where I was first introduced to using computers and programming. I didn’t have my own computer then but most afternoons I could be found in the local electronics store toying around with their demo computers. The store didn’t seem to mind the geeky kid demonstrating their systems for free.

I dreamed of making a career working with computers. I had plans of going to university but life sort of took a different direction. I needed money so straight out of school I took the first job on offer, figuring I could take up the studies later. I was still doing that job eight years later but at least I had a qualification and experience as a baker.

I was still able to keep my interest in computer stuff alive. Bought my first home computer in 1985. Around 1991 I was overdue for a career change and I took up a new job selling financial products. That was fine until I started to run out of friends to market too. Prospecting for leads in the offline world is hard! Soon after that I launched my own business selling and repairing computers. Very, very competitive market. Very, very expensive to promote the business. By 1995 I was broke and returned to the old faithful baking trade. It was my security blanket.

Something else I did with my pc hobby in the early 1990’s was to operate an online Bulletin Board System (BBS). This was before the internet and WWW stuff took off. Other people would use their modems to dial-up my system to send messages, download files and play games online. In a lot of ways the online message systems back then were a lot like the forums and blogs we still use to communicate today. There was even a membership system where users would pay to have higher access levels to file areas. People still do that sort of thing on membership sites today.

Now we can fast forward to today. I’ve raised a family of six kids (yes, six) and live with my wife in a lovely regional area of Australia. I’ve explored a heck of a lot of online marketing training systems. Some of them work, some of them don’t. While I still had my security blanket in the form of a job, I made enough extra money online for us to live comfortably while raising our kids. Here in the present, the kids have left home and I’ve now got the time to get serious and build my full time online business.

Now it’s time for you check out the rest of this website. You’ll find most of the activity focussed around my blog. That’s where I talk about the actually building an online business. You can also see what tools I use and how I use them. I’ll tell you about books I’ve read. I’ll tell you how I stay motivated. You’ll see how to capture an audience and keep them interested. That’s what online business is really all about. You need an audience to listen to what you have to say. I hope you’ve been interested in this part of my story so far . Have a good look around the site and please leave comments on any of the blog pages.

I’m interested in what you do too. Tell me about it.