What to expect

Here we go with my first blog post……again.
Over the years since about 2002 I’ve experimented with a lot of internet marketing techniques, including blogs. This one being my latest incarnation.

Some of the things methods I’ve had success with in the past include blogging, affiliate marketing, making money with adsense and using SEO tactics to increase website traffic.
That’s just a few of the things I’ve dabbled with. You can include research, content writing and using PLR to create content. I’ve made and sold physical products on eBay.
I’ve actually done a little bit of quite a lot of things.

And then I took a break.

Now I’m back.
Pretty much starting from scratch.
This blog is my way of inviting you along for the journey.
Don’t expect any hard sell of products here. That’s not what I do.

What I will do, is share info on methods that work for me as I build my business.
I’ll also share what hasn’t worked for.

I hope you find some of the info here useful and please leave some feedback.
Or share your own experiences, you might be helping someone else.

Thanks for visiting, look around. I’ll be writing more. 🙂

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