What Makes A Great Business Blog?

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Online blogs (or weblogs as they were first known) were originally created as a way of sharing stories and experiences online. Essentially they were online journals through which the blog owner could share a story and invite comments from their readers. The better the stories, the more readers would be attracted to the blog. A business blog really isn’t all that different.

The first goal of the business blog operator must be to attract and engage readers. Sure, the business owner probably wants to make profit from their blogging efforts but if you don’t first have a readership interested in your posts, you won’t be making any money.

Blog posts should be related to the nature of the business. If your business is based on pet products, your readers will expect posts about pets. If your business deals in health or dieting, give your readers information on exercise, diets or recipes. An online marketer will post about tools, websites or software that relate to their type of market. Provide the information that your readers want to see, make it interesting and they will return for more. Invite them to comment on your posts and respond and they will get the idea that you really are interested in them. Do the job well and your readers will tell their friends.

Once your blog has a readership, then you can start to work on the profit side of the equation. Some of your posts may be reviews about products. You might display some advertisements for merchandise. These can be your own products or if you are an affiliate marketer, publish links to items that earn you a commission.

Don’t use hard sell tactics on your blog readers. That can actually cause them to lose interest in your website, and in you. Use your blog to build trust and establish authority.

You want your readers to know that you are providing information to help them. Your posts should get their attention and suggest solutions to problems they might be having. If a blog reader asks you a question, you can use that as inspiration for more posts, it might help someone else too. Let your readers know they are important. If they believe you are an expert in your field, they will be more inclined to try products that you recommend.

Write interesting posts that relate to your business. Engage your readers, respond to their comments. Giving them a reason to return also gives them a reason to tell other people about your blog. Your blog will be a success and so will your business.

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